Age Requirement

All players and characters must be 18+ only. We are a mature server, there are adult themes and adult language being used. GTA is also an 18+ game.

Punishment: Removal from the community

Common Sense

Use common sense at all times, we expect our players to be able to make their own judgements based on common sense. For example: if you see a bug, it is common sense to not abuse it. If a player is having issues or going out of character, it is common sense not to go out of character and call him out.

Toxicity and Bullying

Toxicity is defined as bringing unwanted attitudes into the community. There is a difference between having an opinion/voicing this opinion, and forcing your opinion on other people. Do not direct your anger/frustration/aggression towards another player. Use the appropriate Discord channels for this (Mediation Request, contact Staff).

Potential Punishment: 7 Day Suspension

Derogatory Remarks

Negative/Derogatory remarks about; race, religion, gender, sexual preference, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. is strictly prohibited. This includes in and out of RP.

Potential Punishment: 7 Day Suspension

Contacting Developers

Please use the relevant forums to get help with your issues. Before attempting to message developers, you must make a ticket in #support-board to have your issue resolved. Only DM with permission if absolutely necessary.

Potential Punishment: 24 Hour Suspension


If you are using Discord you are required to be in one of our Radio channels. If you are found to be using an external Discord server to use voice, while playing our server we will consider it meta gaming.

Potential Punishment: 7 Day Suspension

Fire Starting

Speaking publicly in a way that carelessly or intentionally creates or fuels negativity OOC towards other members of the community will not be tolerated. These issues are expected to be handled privately, either directly with the involved party, or through admin/moderator mediation. Disciplinary action will be determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the severity of the offense, and can range from a simple conversation with an admin for lesser offenses, all the way up to immediate and permanent removal from the community for the most malicious offenses.


Exploiting of a bug or glitch is strictly prohibited. This includes setting up macros to farm jobs. Purposely exploiting or macro’ing anything for personal gain will result in heavy consequences.

Potential Punishment: 7 Day Suspension

Stream Sniping

While you are in the server, you are strictly prohibited from using information from the stream of anyone else currently playing on the server and streaming on any service. This is a no questions asked rule - if you’re in their viewer list and you’re in the server and found to be using information you will be subject to this rule break. Should you be caught stream sniping more than once you will be permanently removed from the community.

Potential Punishment: 30 Day Suspension

Meta Gaming

The use of information that your character has not learned through RP is not allowed. Meta-Gaming is hard to define in a single sentence, please see the Suspension Guidelines above for a more definitive description.

Potential Punishment: 7 Day Suspension

Power Gaming

Inflicting unrealistic forms of roleplay on other players, or not giving another player an option when realistically they should have one. Abusing game mechanics, or lack thereof, for personal gain. Any form of Power Gaming is not allowed.

Potential Punishment: 3 Day Suspension

Quality of RP

Quality of RP is defined as failure to uphold the standards of roleplay expected by the Grove RP Community and Staff. Poor quality of RP will be looked at negatively and you may face punishment for the same. This includes having No Value of Life and interfering or actively avoiding RP.

Potential Punishment: 3 Day Suspension

Sexual Assault RP

Sexual Assault RP: Sexual Assault RP - including, but not limited to; non-consensual touching, rape, etc. is not allowed.

Potential Punishment: 3 Day Suspension

Deathmatching (RDM/VDM/NLR)

Randomly killing or harming another player without good roleplay reason is not allowed. This includes being in a vehicle or otherwise. If you die, you lose all previous memory, breaking new life rule will also result in a punishment. Marked Green Zones are All Police stations, Hospitals and Court Rooms.

Potential Punishment: 5 Day Suspension

Combat Logging

Combat Logging is defined as disconnecting from the server, with the intention of avoiding any form of RP and is strictly prohibited. This includes disconnecting to avoid death, combat, arrest, medical attention, or any other form of RP.

Potential Punishment: 3 Day Suspension

Force Perma

Only the player themselves can choose if their character decides to perma. Forcing anyone to do so is prohibited.

Potential Punishment: 3 Day Suspension

Military Base and Vehicles

Entering the military base is strictly prohibited, and is considered poor quality of RP. This also includes the aircraft carrier south of the island. Stealing military vehicles is also strictly prohibited, including but not limited to; Tanks, Fighter Jets, Infantry Transport Vehicles, UAZ’s, Military Fuel Tankers, Cargobobs, and any Military Helicopters.

Potential Punishment: 3 Day Suspension

Other Prohibited Areas

Other areas also strictly prohibited without LEO Approval; Mission Row Detention Area Boilingbroke Penitentiary - exception: LEO, EMS, Lawyers,

Potential Punishment: 3 Day Suspension

Gang/Business Character Limit

You may only have one character involved in a gang or business storyline at any given time. If you do have multiple characters involved in separate gangs and their storylines interact, you must choose one to continue forward until the storyline is resolved. When playing with a group, you are only allowed to be 4 together.

Potential Punishment: 3 Day Suspension

Sharing info between your Characters

Sharing information between your own characters is strictly prohibited. Regardless of if your characters share different or same gangs, any information learned on one character cannot be shared via your other characters.

Potential Punishment: 7 Day Suspension

LEO Presence

Always act like there is a heavy LEO presence, even if there is a lack thereof. However if there is a noticeable lack of LEO presence, then try to play accordingly. Abusing a lack of LEO presence is prohibited.

Potential Punishment: 3 Day Suspension

Cop Baiting

Committing a crime with the sole intention of drawing police away from another crime is prohibited. Example: Purposely robbing the Paleto gas station if your friend is in a traffic stop to get them out of it. Or purposely hitting a cop car or drifting by it to draw his attention away

Potential Punishment: 3 Day Suspension

Robbing, Mugging & Scamming

When doing so, the limited amount in cash is $4000. You may mug items too but do not pass the limit of $6000 in item value. Scamming is strictly prohibited unless it is properly role-played and fair in all grounds and respects the amount restrictions.

Potential Punishment: 3 Day Suspension

Spam RP

Repeating the same role-play over and over for your benefit. Such as chain robbing a character or violating them.

Potential Punishment: 3 Day Suspension

Issues in-game

If any sort of issue arises in game - including but not limited to; rule breaks, drama, anything else you feel is an issue - you must finish the active RP scenario and then follow it up after the fact via the correct methods (Mediation Request, Contact Mod, etc) ASAP.

LEO/EMS Clothing

Wearing any LEO or Emergency Services (LSPD, Trooper, Badges/Icons, EMS) clothing is strictly prohibited. The current mod does not allow these clothes to be mechanically restricted from civilians. This includes; Hats, Helmets, Jackets, Shirts, Pants (with white stripe), Logos, etc.

Potential Punishment: 3 Day Suspension

/DO Command

The /do command must be used for roleplay purposes only. This command can be used to express anything that cannot otherwise be said through words; Example: Giving evidence that is on scene that should be able to be seen, showing facial expressions, actions that don’t have an emote, etc.